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Ripple Training have just published their latest tutorial, this time Mark Spencer takes on replicators in Motion5. A 15% off coupon code for FCP.co readers too!

We can remember when Apple introduced replicators, nobody really understood the power they brought to Motion until end users started posting clever examples online such as making 3D text or shattering objects. Now Mark Spencer from Ripple Training has produced Mastering Replicators in Motion, a $49, nineteen lesson, two hour course that concentrates entirely on replicators.

"Replicators are Motion's secret weapon. With them, you can instantly create patterns of repeating graphic elements such as text, logos, photos, vector artwork and even video that would typically require tedious duplication and repositioning of elements in the Canvas. When used in conjunction with Motion's powerful Sequence Replicator Behavior, you can "choreograph" the parameters of your replicated elements (scale, position, rotation and opacity) to create dramatic arrays of cascading imagery."

Ripple Training are offering FCP.co readers a 15% discount on the course, just enter 'fcpdotco' when prompted. The code is good until the 15th of February.

They have also published three short extracts from the Mastering Replicators in Motion course to give you an insight into how replicators can go from simple to creative in a few clicks.



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