✎ Latest Free FCPX Effects

A few of us editors met up in London for a grande cafe latte and ended up talking motion graphics and how to add a bit polish to boring shots, products, text e.t.c. The general consensus was that you can't go wrong with lens flares, clients just love them!

We have been using the anamorphic flare in the Sapphire set of plugins from GenArts on Avid before Final Cut Pro was released. We've used it in the now defunct Shake and were obviously delighted when GenArts ported the set for use with FCP.

The problem is that the effect is looking a bit tired, where can we go for a fresh set of lens flares?  The demo video of the SugarFX lens flare popped up on our YouTube viewing list a couple of weeks ago and up until now we hadn't had the time to check it out. We're good friends with SugarFX and we think they've undersold themselves with the lens flare part of their LightPack2 collection. There are many presets which make excellent starting points to customise your own flares. It will also handle obscuration of objects to make the flare look like it's not just been slapped on top. So if you are looking for some new flares, check the plugin pack out, it's got a free trial period.

The LightPack2 set of plugins from SugarFX retail at $99 

MotionVFX have their lens flare pack in beta and hopefully we will have a report when it goes live.

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