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We thought Conduit was dead, how wrong we were. This $199 plugin from DV Garage is on its second version and now works inside FCP, Motion, After Effects and Photoshop. In this video Kevin Hansen shows Mark Spencer how to pull and then refine a key using the plugin. If you have ever had trouble with chromakeying or greenscreen then this might be just what you need. More info including links to a free 3D plugin after the break.

The plugin business is getting crowded these days so I guess Conduit got lost in all the PR for new products. When I first saw it the nodal paradigm with noodles (number 49 from my local chinese take out) it immediately reminded me of Shake. Since Apple decided to kill that off, maybe this could fill the specialist keying requirement in the Apple ProApps sector.


Things get a bit more interesting though as you read through their supporting blog.  Like other plugin construction products you can write, save and then even sell your custom Conduit compositions or 'Supernodes'. An example is this free Anaglyphic Stereo plugin.  All that and we haven't even looked at the plugins live features.

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