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macbreak studio 258

In this week's episode of MacBreak Studio, we leave Final Cut Pro X this time and return to Motion. We also start right back at the basics by building a simple graphic from scratch.

We know many FCP7 editors who have never opened Motion for the entire duration they have worked with the NLE. With the introduction of Final Cut Pro X, the integration of Motion is even tighter and if you really want to harness the power of FCPX, you'll definitely need to know Motion.

But what if you've never used the app before?

Mark Spencer takes Steve Martin on the first steps of a beginners course by building a graphic in Motion. In under 10 minutes, Mark replicates from scratch a graphic that he liked on the internet. The episode shows many of the different tools within Motion, how they are used and what they make.

A great beginners episode from the duo, if you would like to know more about Motion, here are the two courses they talk about in the tutorial. For the other courses listed, visit the Ripple Training website.

Getting Started in Motion  

Mastering Replicators in Motion 5 



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