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clamper macbreak studio

Behaviors in Motion can be very powerful to make animations without keyframes. But did you know that you can control behaviors with behaviors? This week's episode explains all.

Trying to build a realistic animation in any graphic program with keyframes takes a lot of time. Within Motion, using behaviors is not only quick, but you can see the effect in realtime.

In this week's episode of MacBreak Studio, Mark Spencer shows a caffeinated Steve Martin how to build a project in Motion that replicates a photo being thrown onto a table. The project uses a 'behavior party!'

We would disagree with Mark that the clamp behavior is overlooked as it is a staple for controlling OSCs when building effects for FCPX. It is good to see it used in a more creative capacity here.

As always, some great tips in this new episode. If you would like to know more, Mark has some extensive Motion tutorials at Ripple Training.





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