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macbreak motion colour correction

When we think of colour correction with the Apple Pro Apps, the colour board in Final Cut Pro is normally the first thing that springs to mind. Motion however has a lot of built in filters that go beyond the board's capabilities.

It's a shame roundtripping with Motion hasn't been implemented with FCPX as this demo will show how to adjust your footage or images further than the colour board will let you.

In this week's episode of MacBreak Studio, Mark Spencer shows Steve Martin some of the different colour grading filters within Motion. The filters are used not just for colouring, but also for adjusting video or stills before applying a new gradient and the precise control of an image after a key.

As always, some great tips in this new episode. If you would like to know more, Mark has some extensive tutorials at Ripple Training.

The 17 hours of Motion tutorials that Mark & Steve talk about for 'binge watching' is called the Complete Series and is available now.



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