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macbreak studio cosmic zoom

Many feature films have cosmic zooms, in this new episode of MacBreak Studio we learn how to construct that signature trip through the Z dimension.

What is a cosmic zoom? Well, the trusted source Wikipedia says it all started with the eponymously titled film by Eva Szasz. The camera started on a boy, zoomed out past the Sun and Planets and then travelled back to the same point to a mosquito on the boy's hand.

For this longer than usual MacBreak Studio, Mark Spencer shows Steve Martin how to construct a cosmic zoom in Motion5, although we don't go as far as other planets or as small as the nearest San Franciscan insect.

A great step by step guide along with some great general Motion tips in the tutorial. If you would like to know more about Motion5, Mark has published basic and advanced tutorials for Ripple Training.



And as a special treat, we managed to find an embeddable copy of Eva Szasz's film. It's nearly all done with artwork but the concept remains the same.


Cosmic Zoom by Eva Szasz, National Film Board of Canada