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axle asset management cloud

We have tried quite a few asset management systems here at FCP.co and they all have one thing in common, they are complicated. Axle Video may have the answer to individuals and companies who want a simple way to share assets.

With internet speeds increasing, collaborative workflow from remote locations has become viable. But how do you share out large files from your shared storage so that they can be viewed remotely? This would have been achieved by installing a complicated and pricey data asset manager that would sit on your shared storage and would become the gateway for all users.

Axle Video have taken a different and a lot simpler approach by running their software on a Mac Mini that connects to the shared storage and makes a 'proxy mirror'. This allows users to organise, annotate, search and comment on their media through a simple web interface. No more 'checking in' or 'checking out'  - the system runs automatically in the background updating to reflect the main high resolution storage.

It strikes us that this is probably the fastest way to get your shared storage available so that remote clients can view clips online. We can think of a couple of uses for this technology right away. A Hybrid Cloud option will become available too so that if your Mac Mini & connection struggles under the workload, the cloud will take the strain. No word yet on speeds of proxy creation or how many users the system will usefully support.

"As we talked to video producers, we were struck by the lack of a simple and inexpensive media management tool in the market, and the false debate between local and cloud." notes Sam Bogoch, axle video's CEO, "Existing solutions are either aimed at large enterprise accounts, too expensive, or not available to be run directly on your existing media drive or SAN. We were inspired to make a tool that offers the simplicity of an iPad app - but provides all the functionality that a small team would need to organize their footage for a film project, manage their video library, or exchange media with suppliers and clients. We're able to optimize the experience for the platform they're on, whether local or cloud."

"Axle is the piece that has been missing from the production puzzle" said Colin Brougham of Brougham Media in Michigan. "While media production tools have become more affordable and more accessible, the ability to access and organize media has been out of reach for small teams like mine. axle finally changes that. I get the power I need, the simplicity I want, at a price that's realistic - and my clients benefit, as well."

Cost for the software start at $1295 each for 5 users, $295 for each additional 5 users and $295 for the cloud option which is currently in Beta.

We have filed the story in the 'Very interesting must take another look at IBC' folder.


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