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color matcher

What would have been a few busy days post LAFCPUG meeting turned out to be a quiet few days for FCPX news. Time for a game for a Friday, standby all you editors and colorists who think they are good with colour!

First of all, if you need to do something urgently or you have to go out in the next ten minutes then stop reading this article immediately! Our colleague Richard Atherton brought this game to out attention late last week so it missed the cut in the week's news stories, so we thought we would save it for this Friday.

This colour (or color if you are on the left side of the pond) matching game got us all in the FCP.co office trying to beat each other - and to be fair we were all pretty good at it, which was surprising.

Play Color

The idea is you have to match colours and shades to given examples, it starts off with one colour and then gets progressively harder. No doubt you'll get 4 perfects to start with as we did, but you'll soon wobble. Are you brave enough to post your score in the comments?

The game isn't new, it was published in January, but we're very glad we found it and thank you to Richard again.

As for all the news from the LAFCPUG meeting, there wasn't any really new news, but it did start a large thread or two on our Forum.