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If like us you didn't make WWC this year, you can watch the whole of the keynote presentation from Moscone West last Monday morning right here. You still won't see any new MacPros though!

We are in two minds about the keynote speech. First of all it's a real shame that Steve's not up there, but Tim Cook and colleagues did a pretty good job in revealing the news and new products. Secondly, the new retina display MacBook Pro is awesome and the FCP.co company credit card has been already hidden in the office by the accounts person.

The biggest dissapointment however was the no show of Mac Pros even though the slightly speed bumped new editions have been published on the Apple Store. Since Monday there has been a lot of comment about the future of the MacPro, yet again. MacRumours nicely summed up the news with an article which makes it likely that a new form factor Mac Pro will be released next year.

So get yourself a cup of coffee, sit down and enjoy the near two hour long keynote. Worth a watch for what can be expected when Mountain Lion is released next month.

We have managed to embed the Apple video below, if you cannot view it or would like it in another resolution for your mobile device then please visit the Apple page.

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