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We're not really the site for rumours, but we can't not mention that this Monday at the World Wide Developers Conference in San Francisco everybody is expecting new hardware. And yes that means new Mac Pros. (Hopefully!)

WWDC was traditionally the launching place for the big Apple hardware, but in the last few years the iOS side of business has dominated the gathering of geeks & programmers at Moscone West. No secret that iOS 6 seems ready for launch at the conference, but we're more interested in the hardware.

The MacPro hasn't had a refresh for two years and this has again spawned the fashionable trend of linkbaited blogs and tweets suggesting Apple has abandoned the pro user. On the plus side, you might have caught the Facebook petition titled 'We Want a New MacPro' that currently stands at rather a miserable 17,000 likes, but it does show the demand for a tower, not a beefy iMac.

Maybe it is a credit to the Mac Pro design that the form factor has lasted the years. What's not so clever is the fact that it's the only Mac that Apple sells at the moment that hasn't got a Thunderbolt port.

So will we see new Mac Pros announced at the WWDC? We have no inside knowledge, but what swung it for us was retail model numbers appearing on the internet. If past history repeats itself, these are fairly firm indicators of what's going to be in the stores very soon. A detailed rundown on what's expected to be announced can be found on 9to5Mac.

So back to the title of the article. We are desperate to see how a new Mac Pro will handle Final Cut Pro X. New processors, new graphics cards, Mountain Lion and a bucket of RAM should hopefully turbocharge FCPX into something Hamilton-esq. We have also heard on more than one occasion in the last week a request for multiple Thunderbolt ports. This would be especially significant as a lot of manufacturers seem to be making end of chain devices. We haven't forgotten that XSan has been built into the OS either.

So standby for a busy news day, the event kicks off at 10AM PT and although there's no live video coverage, there will be more than one live blog and twitter stream from the big hall in San Francisco. We will of course publish what information we can from the official Apple press release when we get it.

We will leave you with one final thought. If there is to be a completely new Mac Pro, would it be the first Mac to solely use AV Foundation? If so, where would that leave FCP7?

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