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Denver Riddle from Color Grading Central has built up a great library of looks from using Resolve on grading jobs. Now he's wrapped them all up into a $149 pack.

First of all if you haven't seen Denver's excellent free tutorials for color grading on FCPX then make sure you check them out, they are the best. Here are the first five video tutorials of a fifteen part series.

Denver's main job is a colorist and over time he's built up a library of DaVinci Resolve grades from jobs he's worked on. The 25 grades have been rolled into new pack called 'Luster Power Grades' which retails at $149, but is on a special offer of 30% off with the coupon code 30off. The set will with the Mac & Windows versions of Resolve.

Click here to visit Color Grading Central.

"I'm sharing his library of Luster Power Grades or creative looks recipes. If you have the full version or the LITE version of DaVinciResolve they are great way to hone your grading skills. You can use them as is or as a spring board to your own custom Power Grades library.
Luster Power Grades includes looks like those used on big budget features, indie films, fashion commercials, music videos and even the imitation of vintage film stocks and emulsions."



As we have said on this site before, there's no shortage of presets, looks & grades for FCPX from a variety of third party software companies. Not too many companies are writing for DaVinci Resolve and although these are slightly higher priced than the norm, we're sure that based on Denver's previous products & tutorials, the bundled grades will be excellent. These will make an ideal 'one click' grade or a great starting point for your own looks.

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