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There is no doubt that Thunderbolt is changing our industry, but up until now long cable runs were impossible. Now you'll be able to have your Thunderbolt devices more than 3 metres apart thanks to Sumitomo.

Possibly the shortest post here on FCP.co for a long time as we know very little about these cables. We spotted one sample curled up on the Intel stand at NAB and the rep assured us that they would be available "very, very soon."

The cables are exactly like their copper colleagues and are designed to be robust enough for consumers. The cable can allegedly be pinched by 180 degrees or tied up in knots. These cables are not going to be cheap and we will leave proving the previous comment to somebody braver. One immediate thought of a use would be attaching your Thunderbolt equipped camera to a Mac with storage on set or location.


These are truly plug and play cables that require no GBICs that are traditionally associated with optical fibre data transfer.

Whilst researching the Promise J4 & J2 story, we came across a picture showing the plugs need a bit more room than the copper variety.


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