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If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a demo by an app's creator is a whole novel. Philip Hodgetts talks about getting Final Cut Pro 7 projects into FCPX using 7toX.

Filmed at the recent Los Angeles Final Cut Pro User Group, Philip Hodgetts demonstrates his latest application for FCP editors.The $9.99 app 7toX from Intelligent Assistance allows you to bring old FCP7 projects into FCPX. We have to admit we're a bunch of doubting Thomases here at FCP.co, so it was really good to see the application in action and appreciate how much information gets translated over. It looks like Philip and his partner have done a pretty good job in building a bridge between the versions, something Apple said was near impossible.

Not everything gets translated across though, things like Motion templates need a roundtrip through Motion 5 but the limitations seem to be from the hosts themselves, not the translator.

So if you are moving to FCPX from FCP7 and want to be able to move your projects across, this is well worth a watch. Don't forget that Philip offers a similar application, Xto7 for reversing the process.


7toX produces the highest fidelity translation of your Final Cut Pro 7 Project, including the following conversions:

  • Bins become Keyword Collections, complete with original Log Notes and comments
  • Sequences become Compound Clips and are tagged with an “FCP7 Sequences” keyword to make them easy to find
  • Multicam clips are fully supported
  • Original track structures are represented by Roles
  • PICT files are automatically converted to TIFF files
  • 31 transitions are translated to matching transitions
  • 72 video FxPlug and FxScript filters are translated to matching video filters
  • 32 audio filters are translated to matching audio filters
  • Layered Photoshop files are accurately translated to Layered Photoshop files in Final Cut ProX
  • Motion Tab settings (Scale, Rotation, Center, Anchor Point, Crop, Distort and Opacity) are translated to Transform settings (Scale, Rotation, Position, Anchor, Crop, and Distort)
  • Composite Modes are translated to matching Compositing settings
  • Constant speed changes are translated

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