✎ Latest Free FCPX Effects

We have overlooked many instances of new clapperboard iPad apps being released as there's a lot of them out there. QRSlate is slightly different as it tags the footage with a QR code for automatic recognition and logging info matching later. Clever.

The process is simple. Use the QRSlate app to ident your footage, the QR code comes up right after the normal clapperboard simulation. Then the Mac desktop app recognises the code and marries it up with the iPad or iPhone data such as take numbers or markers. Then use the app to export XML to load everything into well organised FCP or Avid bins.

We have seen something like this before on the Sony XMPILOT iPad app, but that only works with XDCAM. This combination of apps will work with any camera footage you can get into FCP7. Ah, seven, but the authors promise they are working on an update for Final Cut Pro X.

Download the $1.99 QRSLate mobile app for iPad and for iPhone.
Download the $38.99 QRSlate Desktop Importer for Mac OS X 10.6 and above.