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***Winners Announced***

Digital Rebellion have put more than 300 updates into their media management product, Pro Media Tools which is now at Version 1.1. They have also very kindly given us 2 copies to giveaway.

The $99 Pro Media Tools suite of applications is designed to make handling media easier. Mundane repetitive tasks, quality control, data transfers and more can be accomplished automatically leaving more time for you to do the creative editing. The apps are multi host so not only will they keep our FCPX and FCP7 readers happy, they'll also work with the Mac versions of Avid Media Composer and Adobe Premiere Pro.

We can see two great uses for Pro Media Tools already. We have started to do a few DIT jobs and the Auto Transfer feature would make life a lot easier as it has the facility to make two copies of the camera card data at the same time. It will also verify the copies so individual files can be recopied if corruption has occurred. Probably worth the $99 price of the app alone for piece of mind on the set!

The second app of the suite we can see an immediate use for is 'Edit Detector.' This will split a quicktime movie down into its individual clips or place markers on an FCP timeline for the detected cuts. If you have ever had to colour correct a flattened self contained movie from a client then you'll know what a time saver it'll be.

Congratulations to


For winning the competition, which is now closed.

To have a chance of winning one of the 2 suites of apps each worth $99, all you have to do is tweet the title of this story and include @FCPdotCo in the tweet. The easiest way to do this is from the tweet button on the top left of the article. The winners will be picked at random from the tweets from now until Friday evening, so get tweeting!

300 updates is well, one hell of an update. The main change for version 1.1. of Pro Media Tools is that all the apps are now 64bit which means they'll be able to deal better with large amounts of data. Poste Haste, the FCP7 bins and project template maker is now bundled with the suite too.

Jon Chappell at Digital Rellion has produced this tour of the suite of apps. It was made for Version 1, but the information is still good.

$99 for a suite of 11 applications seems pretty good value, as we hinted above, you might find out that just one app is worth the price alone. If you want to give Pro Media Tools a whirl, you're in luck, Digital Rebellion offer a trial that you can download - the download button is in the banner.

Full feature list updated for 1.1

1.1 Changelog

User Manual

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