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Apple have posted the new version of their music composing, recording and mixing program Logic Pro 9 onto the App Store. They've also killed off Logic Express and Soundtrack Pro.

So Logic seems to have gone the same way as FCPX, the smaller express version gets killed off, the app drastically reduces in price, down from $499 to $199 and it's downloadable from the App Store.

Find Logic Pro 9 on the App Store
Find Mainstage on the App Store (live performance app)

What Apple haven't done though is completely redesigned the app, it's not called Logic Pro X either! Existing stocks of Logic Studio will be available until they run out. This is also a minor bug fix release too, not a full blown multi feature added update.

We are no musicians here at FCP.co, but we had hoped that the new Logic might offer some interoperability with FCPX for audio post. We were never really fans of Soundtrack Pro, just diving in there occasionally to export sound FX. We can't find any mention of FCPX on the Logic pages, but maybe, and this is pure speculation, some connection between the apps might happen with a future update.

We would love to have a fully integrated connection between the two apps so changes in either would be reflected in the other app. We do however understand that mixing in music and mixing for film and television are two different beasts and this app is purely targeted at music makers. For a lot of professional editors, the sound mixing limitations in FCPX have been, well limitations and the combination of these working together might answer some of the reservations they have.

If you're a musician it looks one hell of a product and it's worth spending some time on the Logic Pro 9 pages of the Apple website.

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