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Sorenson have launched two new versions of Squeeze, their cross-platform compression program. If Compressor 4 hasn't enough output formats and codecs, then this might be your answer.

With the move away from physical programme output such as tape to file based delivery and publishing of media online, the reformatting and transcoding of video is becoming more and more important. Sorenson have released two new versions of Squeeze the popular video encoding and transcoding application, both are version 8.

Sorenson Squeeze 8 Lite is new, it retails for $199 and in their words:

"Available for the first time, Sorenson Squeeze 8 Lite enables the rapidly expanding market of web developers, videographers and other content creators who are focused primarily on online publishing to cost-effectively encode and transcode in the most popular video formats, including Flash FLV, Flash SWF, MPEG-4, QuickTime, Windows Media, WMA, WebM and others. This streamlined version of the software enables single file encoding to the highest standards with the ability to still use popular settings and filters available in Sorenson Squeeze.

Sorenson Squeeze 8 Lite brings the power of Squeeze encoding to a larger population of users at a significantly reduced price. As video consumption continues to grow exponentially online and across a multitude of mobile devices, we recognize there is a growing segment of users who want and need the ability to easily publish the highest-quality video online, but who do not need the full features an enterprise or broadcast professional might need. Quality is credibility, and Squeeze 8 Lite gives more users the ability to fully engage viewers and deliver the best possible online video experience.”

This will be of interest to FCP7 and FCPX users who not only have to supply deliverables for Mac savvy clients, buy those who want Flash and Windows Media versions for example too.

Sorenson Squeeze 8 has also been updated with new features although this version seems to be aimed at larger post houses or broadcasters. 

· New Seamless Squeeze Server Integration with Squeeze 8 Enables Multiple Users to Simultaneously Offload Encoding to Separate Servers, Streamline High-Volume Workflows
· Squeeze 8 Now Includes Full Adaptive Bitrate Encoding, Increased GPU Acceleration·
· New x264 Support Allows Squeeze 8 Users to Optimize, Customize Parameters of H.264 Encoding to Their Needs

Crikey! we didn't even realise that there was such a thing a x264!

“Sorenson Squeeze 8 packs more punch than ever, in two versions with significantly reduced prices. It truly expands our tradition of innovation leadership in the encoding and transcoding arena – and of anticipating and meeting the needs of every type of user, from the individual to the enterprise,” said Randon Morford, Squeeze product manager for Sorenson Media. “The full product’s integration with Squeeze Server moves the most painful and time consuming encoding tasks to a separate server, freeing up the productive capability of the computer and allowing users to focus on more strategic tasks, while our x264 optimization tools provide greater control than ever over all the key encoding parameters of H.264.”

Sorenson Squeeze 8 has an intro price of $599. Both versions can be downloaded from their website.