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Why does an important piece of news always happen on a Friday afternoon? Yes you read the title right, Automatic Duck have posted all their XML and FCPXML translation tools for free download.

Another shock in the unravelling story about Automatic Duck. If you missed the news first time, then this article gives some background, the headline though is that the main man behind the company, Wes Plate, moved to Adobe.

On the day of that announcement, the company website was replaced with a holding page. That has now been replaced with a page listing products that lead to product pages with direct download links.

Wes Plate announced-

"We are unable to provide support at the same level as we have over the years, but we didn't want these plug-ins to go away while they remain useful. So if you can make use of these plug-ins in your projects, enjoy!"

Just let us jog your memory that a piece of software that was $495 is now free. Pro Export Tools 5.0 allows you to get your audio out of FCPX by exporting AFF or OMF, and into an audio program like Pro Tools. Levels are clip based and audio keyframes are converted into gain automation. One added benefit is you will also be able to get sequences out of FCP7 and into Avid, Quantel or Pro Tools.

There have been a few articles about workarounds for exporting audio out of Final Cut Pro X, but using the now free Automatic Duck tool seems the smartest, and the cheapest!

The exclusive AAF and OMF export for Final Cut Pro X.

  • All audio "tracks" exported at once
  • Audio media embedding option
  • Audio resampling to 32000 KHz, 44100 KHz, 48000 KHz or 96000 KHz for maximum export flexibility
  • Bit rate options of 16-bit or 24-bit
  • User definable handles for export
  • Audio crossfades
  • Audio keyframes become gain automation
  • Clip-based audio levels
  • Manual fades (At this time fades are not maintained when clip also has a volume adjustment applied.
  • Retiming is not supported

More info in the User Guide.

We would waste no time and head on over to Automatic Duck and download their products right now. Thank you to everybody who sent us the tip, we all need to thank Wes for his generosity next time we see him.

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