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What a superb idea. Compile into a database all the common error codes you'll likely to come across on Mac based video editing software. Then wrap it all up into a searchable iPhone & iPad app for $1.99.

We always wondered what some of those odd error warnings were in Final Cut Pro 7, here is a quick way to easily find out what they mean and get possible solutions.

Digital Rebellion have launched EditCodes, an application for the iPhone and iPad that contains a database of the main error codes from Final Cut Studio, FCPX, Avid Media Composer and Adobe Premiere Pro. Yes, Premiere does get error warnings.

So should you be editing and get a warning, tap the error text into the app and not only will you know why the message has appeared, you'll also get a likely fix too. Digital Rebellion are asking users who come across messages not listed to send them in using the action button and they will be included in an update.

For $1.99 it's going to be worth it if it saves you time or your media just once.



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