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Now that the interoperability between Final Cut Pro X and Blackmagic's DaVinci Resolve has been announced, we are sure many editors are going to be looking at this combination to grade their projects. Patrick Inhofer takes us on a 2 hour Resolve catch up course.

Many thanks to Mateo di Marano for posting this comprehensive look at Blackmagic Design's DaVinci Resolve, the colour grading software that runs on a Mac, Windows and Linux. Mateo is part of Final Cut MTL, an FCP user group based in Montreal that has its own blog page.

The group invited Patrick Inhofer along to give a DaVinci Resolve 8 workshop and these four videos add up to over 2 hours worth of instruction using multiple examples and taking questions from the floor. Mateo's introduction is in French, but Patrick's demo is in English.

Apple announced that Resolve will be able to import Final Cut Pro X project information, so it looks like Resolve might be the finishing app of choice for FCPX users. The version of Resolve that will accept the files hasn't been released yet, but there's nothing stopping you from practicing your grading skills with DaVinci Resolve Lite, the free version can be downloaded from Blackmagic's website.

Many thanks to Mateo for making these videos available and we hope his future meetings of the user group result in many more informative presentations.

So get yourself a large cup of coffee and enjoy Patrick's introduction to colour grading using Resolve.





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