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AJA Video have been in the Mac video card business for over 10 years, no doubt you have either owned one or edited on a system using one. Here Jon from AJA runs through the products and looks to the future.

Rick Young from MacVideo spent some time with Jon at NAB and filmed these five videos about AJA's product range and more interestingly, their future products. We always thought Thunderbolt would be a game changer so it's good to see AJA taking the new technology and building it right into their I/O devices, particularly important if you want to edit on a MacBookPro.

Jon Thorn on Thunderbolt


Jon Thorn on the next generation I/O device codenamed Riker


Jon Thorn on the AJA Ki Pro Mini


Jon Thorn on the Kona range of cards


And finally Jon on the FS2 (Dual channel frame sync/converter)

Many thanks to Rick at MacVideo

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