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When the iPhone version of this storyboard creation app was launched, we thought it was pretty cool but maybe the size of the iPhone made everything a bit fiddly to work. Now Cinemek have released a version that also works on the iPad which gives the app a new lease of life with the extra real estate.

Download Storyboard Composer HD for iPad and iPhone ($4.99 half price offer for one week only)

The marketing message is 'Pencils are so last year' and they might be right, is there a better way to plan your next Oscar winner down at Starbucks? Storyboarding apps are nothing new, we quickly counted at least five on the iTunes store and some look pretty average. What gives Storyboard Composer HD a new lease of life is the app works much better on the increased size of the iPad. 

Now having said all that Cinemek have yet to produce a video showing the app working on an iPad, so the best we can offer at the moment is the iPhone version.


What they have produced is a great set of tutorials, again for the iPhone but they will give you an idea of the apps features, ease of use and flexibility. Rather than post them all here, checkout the videos on the Cinemek website.

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