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We all know that we will be able to download OS X Lion from the Mac App Store in July. But what if you have multiple seats that need upgrading and would a possible volume licence apply to other (ahem) downloadable apps in the future?

We have been reading a rather interesting exchange of emails regarding the multi-seat installation/upgrade of OS X Lion. A lot of engineers have been deep in heavy discussions about the new way Apple is distributing its software and the potential ramifications. Traditionally it has been done by making a 'master' disk image of an installed OS with apps, copying that to the other machines and then inputting the relevant serial numbers from the packaging. For single users, the Lion upgrade will be easy, just log on to the Mac App Store, enter your Apple ID, payment details and download. What happens when you have a 100 seats to upgrade? The discussion did raise the thought of having to have an Apple ID for each machine!

Happily this won't be the case. Apple have issued a document to educators and businesses that will need volume OS licencing. Whether a similar deal will be available for multiple FCPX and other app installs we don't know. The qualifying number of seats for Lion is 20 which seems a little high for the majority of multi-seat FCP up-graders.

We thank 9to5Mac for unearthing the document.


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