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Making 3D material is still not easy, so how difficult is it to make a 3D menu to start off your 3D Blu-ray disk? To be honest we wouldn't have a Scooby where to start, luckily we know a man who has produced an excellent half hour tutorial to show us how.

Senior Designer Glenn Cooney from Promo Scape in Melbourne, Australia gives an in depth look at creating 3D Side-by-Side menu content for use in Netblender DoStudio. This tutorial will be of greater benefit to you if you have a pair of Red/Cyan 3D glasses available for certain scenes, but they are not mandatory.


Adobe After Effects CS5 and Adobe Photoshop CS5 are used in this tutorial, in conjunction with the free third-party Stereo Scripts plug-in written by Christoph Keller. 

The Stereo Scripts can be downloaded from pinkau.com/​download/​aestereoscripts.zip

Many thanks to the guys at Promo Scape for this comprehensive tutorial.

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