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***Updated with embedded YouTube HD video of keynote***

With no new hardware and no sign of FCPX, Steve Jobs' keynote speech was nevertheless a classic. We detail some of the points that will relate to the Pro Apps user. How about a 97% price reduction for one!

Finally the Keynote appears on YouTube and in 1080 should you wan to go fullscreen!


There was no new hardware. Steve Jobs said on stage that the software was the soul. He highlighted the three areas that the presentation was going to cover: OS X Lion, iOS 5 and iCloud. Let's take a look at a few points that are relevant to us pro users.


1) OS X Lion will be available to download for $29.99 from the Mac App store in July. Yes you read right, download. All you need to do is make sure your Mac can run the software and check you have the latest version of Snow Leopard installed.

2) XSan is included for free as a part of OS X Lion. This has been rumoured for weeks but the first sign we had of it being true was the inclusion of the name on a keynote slide of extra OS features. Apple's updated website gives more information. This is huge news to anybody who runs a shared storage system, the licences used to be $999 a machine! Xsanity pointed out that this was a 97% price drop!

3) Lion Server will be a downloadable add-on to OS X Lion. This will be available in the Mac App Store in July also, this time for $49.99. We think some IT guys are going to be very worried about this.

4) The Save dialogue in Lion. This is a system wide implementation so this should apply directly to FCPX. The name of a file has a dropdown menu with the options below.


5) Versioning. Just like using Time Machine you can pick the bottom option of 'Browse All Versions' to find something you might have changed or deleted from a previous version. Here you can see the current version of a document on the left and the older versions on the right. Both versions are 'live' and you can copy and paste between them. This would be a fantastic feature if it would work with FCPX projects and timelines.


6) Resume. If you've ever worked FCP and had a crash you will know it has a habit of restarting on a blank project with the standard window layout. Resume guarantees the app will open up as you left it, even with an item highlighted. Nice.

7) Full Screen Apps. iMovie and iPhoto can be set to fill the screen to avoid distractions. You can 'swipe' between full screen apps too. Couple that with Mission Control and your desktop is going to look very different in OS X Lion.

7) iCloud. Mainly a cool way to access content on all of your machines. Could this technology do more for us editors though? How about storing all your layout preferences, desktop backgrounds, bin columns e.t.c. so that these can be recalled on any machine that you decide to edit on? 

A lot to get excited about when Lion is released. It is well rumoured that FCPX will be released before the OS update so some of these features won't be there. In the meantime we offer you this official Apple video introducing Lion.

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