✎ Latest Free FCPX Effects

Want to share that H264 you've just finished editing with a client but don't want to publish on YouTube or upload to MobileMe? Pogoplug Video might be the answer, they've just teamed up with Sony too for instant AVCHD file streaming.

Sure you can use a VPN connection, but if you've ever tried to configure a router and client you will know it is something that takes a few hours and a lot of head scratching to get right. All you need with Pogoplug is an email address and that will give you access to footage wherever you or your clients are in the world, even on a mobile phone. Goodbye long upload times too.

We can think of many ways of using this, but the security and instant availability of media for clients is number one. How about having all your FCP settings stored or maybe even your favourite sound FX collection? Sure beats having to carry around a firewire drive all the time. We are going to do a bit more research into Pogoplug with its streaming capabilities - maybe we just might be able to get a loaner :)