✎ Latest Free FCPX Effects

How about a free pack of film burns for that authentic light leak look? Digital Cinema Foundry have posted some custom made clips for download.

The effect is always in demand, make your pin sharp HD pictures look like they were shot with a malfunctioning 8mm camera!

Download the film burn clips 

From Digital Cinema Foundry:

"Some of you have seen the so called “film burn” (or sometimes called film flash) on different creative pieces. The look typically comes from the misfeed of film through the camera gate behind the lens of a film camera, creating a beautiful but unintended look of red and yellowish hues on the negative and the print. Because of it’s associated look with film it has become a desired stylized look in video. You can pay a lot of ca$h for this look in the form of a plugin or as stock footage. You can pay as much as $199 for a single NTSC clip from Artbeats or $499 for the collection. But here at digital cinema foundry you get it today for free! I’ve created four different custom film burns in both 1080p and 720p resolutions. All you need to do to use them is place them on video track two on top of your video sequence on video track one and then right click and choose one of the different compositing option under “Compositing Mode.” I typically will use the “screen” option but play around with the different options till you get the look you want. I also will usually layer multiple film burns in, play with the speed and set key frames on the opacity till I get the look I want."

We haven't tried them so please let us know if you've used them.