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We were pretty impressed with Get when we saw the demos, but always thought it was a bit pricey to fit into the Final Cut Pro 'ecosystem.' Now just before NAB, AV3 Software has halved the price to a very reasonable $249. No April Fool either!

AV3 Software have just announced the price cut. 

"We are thrilled to make Get more affordable for our editing audience," says Doug Hynes, director of products, AV3 Software. "Get is an extremely powerful tool for FCP editors of all levels and genres. In reducing its price point, we believe that it will be more readily available to a much wider user base. It's an important step in making the unique characteristics and capabilities of Get known to the editing world. NAB is the perfect platform to introduce our target audience to Get and its new and improved price!"

Get Highlights
Get works hand-in-hand with Final Cut Pro and is designed to help editors become more efficient when searching via the spoken word for footage. Communicating directly with Final Cut Pro, Get derives sequences and clip metadata and indexes the associated media files, making them ready for searching within. Select items are then exported directly to Final Cut Pro either as new clips with markers or markers into existing clips. Get is revolutionizing the editing workflow:

• Provides access to the speed and accuracy of phonetic search technology.
• Allows users to input search terms as they sound, bypassing spelling errors and mismatches with logged metadata.
• Combines dialog and NLE metadata searches, as well as dialog and desktop metadata searches.
• Provides users with the ability to pre-select content to be used within editing application and projects. 
• Editors can find content that already exists within a project, whether it resides in bins, clips, sub-clips, or sequences.




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