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We knew that Intel had developed Light Peak with help from Apple. Then right at the last minute before the new MacBook Pros were announced, the name changed to Thunderbolt. Or did it? Guess who has applied to register the name as a trademark.

Apple. Don't tell me you didn't guess!

So the Cupertino gang applied for the Thunderbolt trademark in Canada on March 9th 2011. Hang on, does this mean that other companies can't use the name without a licence in Canada should the application get approved? We are not trademark lawyers but this is going to annoy not only PC makers but also all the peripheral manufacturers too, take a look at the coverage-

1 - Computers, computer peripheral devices, cables.

2 - Computer hardware, connectors, computer software; handheld digital electronic devices and software related thereto; mobile digital electronic devices, mobile telephones, cameras, apparatus for data storage; digital audio and video devices.  

Which is just about everything us editors want to do with Thunderbolt 

We are really confused. Has Apple trademarked the copper version of Light Peak as Thunderbolt? Will Apple licence the name back to Intel or will Intel just call it Light Peak again. Will all PC manufacturers have to call the port on their new boxes Light Peak? Can we learn anything from Firewire? Apple own that trademark but I've never had anybody ask me to borrow a IEEE 1394 cable!

All we want is an ultra fast I/O system for our Macs and the peripherals like storage, capture devices and displays to go with it.

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