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FCLM 2.50 fcpx

When Apple realised 10.1.2 that had more options on where to store media, it caught us all by surprise. This new update of FCLM to 2.50 now handles those changes to Final Cut Pro X.

Timothy Armes from Arctic Whiteness dropped us a line to say that he's just posted the 2.50 update to Final Cut Library Manager online.

"It's a been a gruelling 2 months - Apple completely knocked us off our feet with the new 10.1.2 option of storing external media outside of libraries. Although it seems like a small change to handle this, it actually entailed a monumental change to the structure of the our codebase."

With such a change in the way that FCPX stores external media, it is good to see Arctic Whiteness updating their app quickly to bring back functionality. We know many people who depend on Library Manager on a daily basis.

FCLM 2.50 fcpx 3

Timothy told us more about 2.50

"With Final Cut Library Manager 2.50 we set ourselves some difficult design challenges:

  • We really wanted to maintain the simple and clear interface that that our users appreciate. We certainly didn’t want users who do not use external media to be bogged down with a more complicated interface.
  • It was important that users could see which external media files were associated with each library.
  • It was also important that users could see and clean external media files even when the associated library wasn’t visible. This would allow them to examine the space taken up on drives dedicated to generated media without having to include information from all the other disks attached to the system
  • Since we were addressing the issue of external media we wanted to take into account one of the most popular requests – seeing how much space the external original files of a library were taking up. Version 2 would show the links to external files, but it didn’t allow you to see how big they were.

FCLM 2.50 fcpx 2

We believe that we’ve met all of our objectives. The main window now displays your libraries and any external media. When possible this media is now grouped with the libraries with which it’s associated so that you can see at a glance how your media files are distributed across the system for each library. Of course, you may prefer not to see all this information, so the new filter bar allows you to choose the media that you’d like to have displayed.

We’ve also included other user interface improvements such as an easy way to list the files used by a library or held inside a media folder."

 Download version 2.50 from  the Arctic Whiteness website. It is a free upgrade for existing customers and just over $10 for new ones.



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