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mLogic LTO mTape

We first saw the mTape LTO box from mLogic demonstrated at IBC 2013. The unit is now shipping, offering fast, reliable backups of data using Thunderbolt.

Archiving. We have said it before, it is not the most sexy of subjects in TV production, but it is one of the most necessary. You don't realise how valuable a file is until you haven't got it!

mLogic has announced that their Thunderbolt equipped LTO-6 mTape is now shipping. Priced at $3,599 it brings LTO tape backup via Thunderbolt without having to have a SAS Interface. That makes it perfect for the new Mac Pro. We came across the mTape last year and although the colour has changed, the size, connectivity and performance are the same. It is the first tape drive system to receive Thunderbolt certification from Apple and Intel.

mlogic mtape lto

The rear of the mLogic mTape at IBC 2013.

“We are thrilled to announce that our mTape LTO-6 system has received Thunderbolt certification and is now shipping to customers”, said Roger Mabon, CEO of mLogic. “mTape is the first LTO-6 tape drive to feature Thunderbolt connectivity and is the ideal backup and archiving solution for users of laptops, all-in-one computers and the new Mac Pro.  LTO tape offers the lowest cost per TB of any storage medium and more importantly has an archival life of 30 plus years - significantly longer than external hard drives sitting on a shelf.  mTape is an affordable and easy to use tool that solves the challenges of long-term archiving of digital assets.” 

Although the cost of the box might initially seem expensive, archiving a lot of data will be less expensive than buying multiple Thunderbolt drives. You'll also not have to worry about spinning up a RAID on a regular basis or replacing duff drives in a set. mTape can work like a drive, which means you can drag-and-drop files for ease, but the write and recall speeds will obviously be a lot, lot longer. No indication from their website if mTape is a Thunderbolt 2 device.

  • The world’s first Thunderbolt-enabled LTO-6 tape drive
  • Thunderbolt certified by Apple and Intel
  • Supports LTFS for drag and drop functionality
  • Two Thunderbolt ports for daisy-chaining
  • SAS expansion port (enables writing to two or more LTO drives simultaneously)
  • Compatible with backup/archive software from Archiware, Imagine Products, StorageDNA, TOLIS, YoYotta and others
  • Portable form factor with rugged, light-weight aluminum construction
  • DC powered for operation in any environment



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