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Timequote logger ipad

We have seen quite a few iPad applications that can store notes when reviewing cut sequences. But what about an app for logging on the fly so that important quotations can be found with ease in the edit suite?

Over the years we have worked with many journalists in different situations from headline news to whipping up a quick corporate VNR for internal consumption. One thing in common across all of the jobs was some type of logging of the information as it was shot. This could range from a hastily scribbled list on a tape label, to a detailed list on paper of every Q&A.

There's no doubt that searching for the correct soundbite or B roll shot costs time and money.

James Woodman, a former journalist at ITN got in contact with us about his new $4.99 iPad app called TimeQuote. It lets the user log an interview by using handy preloaded questions that also serve as a prompt. (How many times have you had a journo say "I'm sure I asked that question?") As we have spent quite a bit of time at Wells Street & Grays Inn Road ourselves, we might even have heard it from James!

As with any product that has anything to do with video, it should have a video. TimeQuote is no exception and this brief introduction will give you an idea of the apps' features.

There is also a published PDF tutorial that goes into more detail.

It struck us immediately that to make TimeQuote super-useful, the logged information should be able to be imported to Final Cut Pro X via FCPXML. We posed the question to James and as he is an FCP editor himself, he's already on the case. An in-app purchase maybe? He is also at work on an iPhone version.

Larry Jordan has already said he likes it and it was picked as one of the "20 best apps of the week" by The Grauniad Newspaper.