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Red Giant formally announced Bulletproof on April the 1st. There weren't many details on the website, so we decided to track down Simon Walker to take us through the application.

With many different cameras and different formats, it can become a nightmare making sure the data has been copied from cards, the footage organised into correct folders, the addition of the correct metadata and the output of the correct format for editing or dailies review. A long sentence and a lot of jobs to get right!

Bulletproof has been designed to manage all of those tasks within one application. Simon Walker very kindly took the time to give us a tour through the application and explain the benefits to filmmakers. We also learn what a 'circle take' is.

How this application relates to FCPX users and what benefits it might bring, we don't know. There is some overlap of features between the two applications, but you probably don't want to be using FCPX on set in a DIT role, which is where we can see Bulletproof being very useful.

If you would like to join the public beta then visit the Bulletproof page on the Red Giant website.

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