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***Updated with embedded event video***

So no news from Apple about Final Cut Pro at the iPad2 event. However Randy Ubillos who headed up the team that gave birth to Final Cut over 10 years ago, was on stage to talk about iMovie. Is there anything we can learn?

First of all the bad news. Even though a German website had leaked false info, Thunderbolt is not built in to any of the iPads. It would have made a terrific monitor for your DSLR etc.

Secondly the good news. Randy demoed iMovie on the iPad (at about 39 minutes) which looked pretty cool. Thanks to Engadget we can display some of the GUI features. Why? because vertical integration of all the Apple editing apps is going to happen. Code will be shared, GUI's will look similar. All designed so that the end user can move up the editing ladder. (with their media of course)

All speculation at the moment and I'm sure we will get a few emails saying we're so wrong. No harm in a bit of imagineering though.

Let's take a look at those pictures!Precision_editor

Precision editor




Icons on canvas surround


A bin

Anybody know if iMovie will output to a screen whilst you edit? That would be cool. Once again thank you to Engadget for the pictures. Watch this space for more about iMovie/FCP interoperability.

Also worth another look at this..

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