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zigich new macpro

3D designer Peter Zigich has been using Apple workstations for over 20 years. He like many others has been frustrated by the lack of a MacPro update. So why not let the imagination run and design your own? Well that's exactly what he did!

Tim Cook has publicly said that there will be a new MacPro in the near future. We have no idea if the form factor will remain the same or if in true Apple style a revolutionary product will rise out of the dry ice at Moscone West. 

Peter Zigich, a 3D designer from Toronto thought he would get into Jony Ive's mind and has designed a modular MacPro replacement. Being a 3D designer also meant he could visualise what the range of machines would look like and he very kindly sent in his ideas to FCP.co

To see the pictures in full resolution, right click and open in a new window.

I have come up with a new design for the MacPro. It is radical departure from current workstations, it could be MacPro for the next 10 years. I'm very happy with the results, and would like to share with you.
zigich new macpro 1
Key Design features:
1. Modular Design
Like a Lego Blocks. Computer built from different interlocking sections, highly customizable.
Sections seamlessly connect, and share power & data (Thunderbolt).
Different sections: CPU, Optical, Power Supply, PCI, HDD etc.
All dimensions are 100% accurate. 
One user needs are very different from others, so should be a MacPro.
zigich new macpro 2
zigich new macpro 3
2. Pro & Consumer CPU Options
Server class dual CPUs (Xenon E5), 8 DIMM ECC memory slots.  
Consumer CPU i3, i5, i7, 4 DIMM slots.
zigich new macpro 4
3. Entering new markets
Various configurations:
- Small home/ iTunes Server - Competes with NAS makers (QNAP, Synology)
- Pro Servers (again)
- Consumers Workstations (Headless iMac)
- Base Consumer (little better than Mac Mini)
- Pro Workstations
zigich new macpro 5
zigich new macpro 6
Alas, all just great ideas from Peter but we hope that Apple have something special lined up for us next year. We really are hoping...

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