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mavericks beta

In a very 'non-Apple' move, Apple has opened up their Mavericks OS X Beta to everybody. Now all users can test out the software and report bugs to Apple before its release.

We have to admit to being slightly surprised at Apple's move to open up the OSX Beta program to everybody, but this must surely be a good move. With the many different types of machines and software now on the market, it can only make sense the more people that try out configurations and report bugs back to Apple.

OS X Beta Seed Program

Beta FAQ

You have to be over 18, sign in with an Apple ID and accept the confidentiality agreement. Which means you can't spread what does and doesn't work all over Twitter. We won't even mention screen grabs!

The Beta appears by using the Beta Access Utility which gets installed on your Mac. Now for the big question: Is this a taste of things to come? Will applications such as Final Cut Pro X also have a much wider Beta testing program than before? We don't know, but it is a very interesting development in the development of Apple software for the Mac.

Now where is our Apple ID....



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