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Do you think that the Mac Pro's case is a bit dull? These new wrap-around stickers based on famous painters will brighten up any edit suite or desk.

We all love the new Mac Pro, but the case is a fairly dull gunmetal, even when placed next to a bright reflecting object. MacProStickers has just released four wrap-around 'covers' that aim to jazz up the look of Apple's new computing monster.

We have no idea how easy they are to apply and more importantly will the extra wrapper around the Mac Pro interfere  with the heat dissipation from the metal case. 

Priced at $41.14 each, the four are based on works by famous painters. Don't panic if your art history isn't up to much, we had to look a few up too.

The Jackson Pollock is probably our favourite, seen here on the left next to a Roy Lichtenstein inspired version on the right.


fcpco poll-lich

The Mondrian style cover on the right needs no introduction and would look good in a modern office, however we are not too sure about the Picasso version on the left. That one almost makes the Mac Pro look like it's made out of wood!


fcpco pic-mond


The MacProStickers website says that more versions are planned in the future. As there is an industry making a large variety of stickers that incorporate the use of the Apple on MacBook Pros, we can expect more designs from different companies on the market soon. (It won't be long before somebody makes an R2D2 wrap-around sticker for example!)

We had a spare half day in the office, so we roped in some Photoshop help to come up with some more ideas based on famous painters. You never know, MacProStickers just might take our inspiration. (and humour!)

How about a Van Gough Starry Mac Pro or an Andy Warhol 'souped up' Mac Pro?

fcpco starry-warhol



Maybe a still life Cézanne or our favourite, a Banksy. Then again somebody might pinch it and put it up for auction!

fcpco cez-banksy


We stopped short of doing a 'Scream' version or a Dali Mac Pro that would be melting off the desk. :) We thought the coolest sticker could be a print of the inside of the Mac Pro so that it would look like the metal cover was transparent.



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