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garageband x new gem manual

Whilst strictly not an FCP topic, as Edgar Rothermich's GEM manuals are so good, we thought we would share the news of his new publication for GarageBand X.

Edgar writes the most popular books for Final Cut Pro X. His 'GEM' or graphically enhanced manuals are unique in showing how an application works by using labeled diagrams instead of pages and pages of text.

He's now turned his attention to the new version of GarageBand, GarageBand X.

'GarageBand was released in November and there hasn’t been any manual or any announcement of a manual form any publisher yet. As usual, the Apple documentation is rather thin and leaves out  a lot of functions. Especially in this case. GarageBand is just Logic Pro X with a lot of features disabled. However, there are many features that are not mentioned in the documentation but still work in GarageBand. Having written the “Logic Pro X - How it Works” manual, I know Logic inside out and discovered many of those undocumented features and functionalities in GarageBand. All that, plus a 40page introduction with various topics about music production and OSX is included in this 321page "Graphically Enhanced Manual”.

Interesting to know that Garageband has followed the pattern of FCPX and iMovie, basically the same application but scaled down with features removed.

Also on the subject of music production, if you have an iPhone or iPad then checkout the iOS version of Garageband. It has an awesome selection of extra instruments to download and once connected to an external speaker, it's hard to believe the sounds that come out of something so small.

Back to Edgar's book. It's available now electronically in a PDF format for $15 from Edgar's website. If you prefer a hard copy, Amazon have a paperback version in stock. An eBook version is on its way.

Here are a few sample pages to show Edgar's unique way of getting readers to learn about apps.

 garageband x new gem manual 4

garageband x new gem manual 1

garageband x new gem manual 3

garageband x new gem manual 5





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