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Promise Technology have announced a drive size update to their popular Pegasus R6 Thunderbolt RAID and they've also announced the new VTrak A-Class 'SAN in a box.'

We know many owners of the popular Pegasus R6 RAID who use it as solid Thunderbolt connected storage for FCPX and FCP7. At NAB2013, Promise Technology have just announced that a version populated with 4TB drives will be available. In a RAID 5 configuration, you lose one drive, so that would give a usable volume of 20TB. (We think we might have got the sums wrong on the video) The new units also bring Windows compatibility. One note here that we picked up on. If you are planning to use a Pegasus R6 for long term archiving, reformat the drive into RAID6 first. 

The new V-Trak A Class is an easy to setup 'SAN in a box' that in it's basic 4 seat configuration does away with the need for extra metadata controllers and expensive fibre channel switches. If you are considering purchasing shared storage for a small to medium number of edit seats then the V-Trak is definitely worth a look.



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