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25 Jan 2021
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New Video card for my hexacore mid 2010 08 Jan 2017 17:00 #84655

Dear All,
I know this topic is frequently discussed, but most of the posts are getting older now, and these topics are also frequently discussed between gamers on the net and I don't care about games, so I would appreciate your advise on these simple questions, currently I have a 5870 in a mid 2010 hexacore Macpro El Capitan, for FCPX usage mainly, and a bit of After Effects / Photoshop, is it worth :
- upgrading to the 7950 ? Benchmark are unclear for FCPX from what I have seen so far, particularly FCPX 10.3
- upgrading to a GTX 680 mac, or even a GTX 980 mac ? But in that case, my understanding is that you have to download the latest CUDA driver at every OSX update, is that correct ? Is it a pain ?
- using 2x5870 or two other cards ? Does it make sense two cards ?
- what is the advantage if any to keep the 5870 in addition to a GTX 680 mac ?
- does the upgrade to Sierra represent a threat to any of this scenario ?

I am not concerned by the cost as long as I have something reliable, allowing me to keep my beloved Macpro for the next 3 years at least...


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New Video card for my hexacore mid 2010 14 Jan 2017 17:30 #84844

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Hi Carambo
Have you checked out BareFeats? barefeats.com
They have some very well done testing / comparisons and Rob really likes the Legacy MP's. Testing often includes FCPX, and various other apps including Adobe's.
You can compare various cards in many configurations and then decide for yourself.

You should also check out the Bruce X thread here on fcp.co… www.fcp.co/forum/hardware/18250-brucex-t...mark?start=440#84618

Updating the nVidia drivers is not difficult. While Apple does include driver updates in OS updates they will only be for the GPUs Apple has included in their computers. Best to go to nVidia and download the latest updated drivers.

Hope this Helps, Greg

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New Video card for my hexacore mid 2010 21 Jan 2017 22:03 #85071

Thanks Greg

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