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25 Jan 2021
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Any significant issues with FCPX on a Skylake Hackintosh? 20 Jul 2016 21:22 #78769

I have build 6 or 7 hackintosh boxes over the last few years. The majority of them were used for graphics and printing uses with Adobe Creative Suite (indesign, photoshop and Illustrator). They have all worked almost flawlessly (at least until someone clicks "Update"!!) :)

I am currently starting a Skylake build for a new box specifically for video editing using Final Cut Pro X. I will be using plenty of ram, 1TB SSD, a Gigabyte GA-Z170X-UD5 TH and a Core i7-6700k. I will be using an AMD R9-280x GPU.

My previous builds were all using Unibeast/Chameleon, but I am going to use Clover for this build.

My question is surrounding any issues specifically with FCPX. Someone commented to me that FCPX won't work well on on a hackintosh saying that if the apple ID is flagged (not sure what that means), all FCPX resources and projects will be locked and unusable! They even said that any projects stored on a NAS or external disks would also be locked. They are experienced in FCPX, but not at all in hackintosh hardware.

I have done some searches and research, but can't find anything mentioning this. This seems like just some scary rumor or scare tactic to keep one on apple hardware.

Can anyone comment as to their experience and if this has any merit?

I appreciate any and all comments!

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