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25 Jan 2021
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Graphic Card MAc Pro mid 2012 29 May 2016 08:57 #77233

i have mac pro 5.1 2012 mid with ati hd 5770. After el-capitan and fcpx 10.2.1 some parts of my video starts pixelize. i tried it with two ati radeon on my mac at the same time but the result was the same. i change the order of the ram's - as it said on tests with 10.8 system- and i also change ssd with wd velocitiraptor. again the same result.
i think to buy saphire 7950 but at the post below, he told about problems

whta can i do for non-pixeled videos and speeding-up?

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Graphic Card MAc Pro mid 2012 29 May 2016 11:48 #77235

nVidia 970 or 980 would be a good choice both can be found with dual six pin power leads and are well within Mac Pro power limits.

If the pixelisation is happening with different GPUs it would suggest there's another problem in your system.

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Graphic Card MAc Pro mid 2012 29 May 2016 13:47 #77240

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I'd pull one GPU, and run with only a single GPU to verify the issue is not there with only one, way before upgrading GPUs. It could be something other than, that is cheaper and easier to fix. I wouldn't spend money on an assumption. Test with a single GPU. If it still pixelates, it isn't the GPU, but something else. Drive bottleneck, third party software or hardware drivers not fully EC compatible, perhaps.

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Graphic Card MAc Pro mid 2012 30 May 2016 12:49 #77252

Thanks for replies.
We two Mac pro and 1 iMac.
Two Mac Pro's have same gpu. (Sometimes making lines on screen, (because of this i think, it is about gpu). Both of them take pixelated render.
But iMac took it well. (gpu is gt 650M).
1. i reorder RAM's (i tested with iOS 10.8, only for testing now Capitan)
2. Change disc to wd velociraptor from samsung pro ssd
3. Put 2 gpu and take render at the other MacPro again with ati 5770.
4. Also send to a apple service. They said that 'At this years mac, we can not exactly find the breakdown. Maybe at your RAM or GPU or Disc'
After all these steps. Is there anything that i can do?

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Graphic Card MAc Pro mid 2012 31 May 2016 15:36 #77288

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Hi Sakarya
Welcome to the forums.
Are all of your Macs using the same OS and same version of FCPX?
What is the codec/format/resolution/frame rates of the clips?
The ssd should be faster than the WD Velocitiraptor.
Are all your drives formatted to MacOS Extended Journaled?
Do you have at least 10-25% free space on drives?
How much RAM?
Check all your plug-ins for El Capitan compatibility. You might need to update them. You could also remove or disable all 3rd party plug-ins to see if problem continues.
Try a new user account on the Macs.
Have you watched resource usage using Activity Monitor while editing? Do you have free RAM? Seeing lots of page swaps?

You might want to transcode to ProRes prior to editing. Some native camera codecs are processor intensive for editing. ProRes typically large files and may take time to create, but use less processor and resources while editing.
Finally, you could use proxy files while editing and then convert to full res to export. I really don't think you should need to do this unless you are editing 4K(or greater) multi-cam or lots of effects. The Mac Pros really should handle everything else

Hope this helps, Greg

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Graphic Card MAc Pro mid 2012 01 Jun 2016 15:19 #77332

Firstly, thanks for your reply.
1. We are all using same version of OS. We use FcpX 10.2.1 and 10.2.3. But i tried both version on Mac Pro's Two of them pixalate. Only iMac did it well.
2. Quick Time Movie / H.264 / 1920x1080 / 50 fps / 2500 kbps (for youtube uploads)
3. i was using ssd. but when it gave exclamation mark on test, i change it. probably i will turn back to it.
4. Yes, my all drives formatted MacOS Extended Journaled and i have free space on them.
5. i have 48 GB 1333 MHz DDR3 RAM
6. i don't have any plug-ins. Only FcpX defaults.
7. About new user account; i formatted it a new OS. Again pixalate.
8. When i use ProRess, no pixels occures. But very large files. it is not suitable for yotube and for storage. (for me and network at Turkey. We upload 1 GB video to youtube 3-4 hours at nights)

After all, we had no problems when we were using OS Yoshemite and Fcpx 10.1.x. Now do you think we downgrade our Mac Pro's to yosemite, maybe Mavericks best or upgrade to Sapphire HD 7950 ...
Today i tried gtx 680, but my mac did not gave video signal.

** Extra: i now install yoshemite and FcpX 10.1.4, it still does the same thing.

Here is a sample of video


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