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25 Jan 2021
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cMP Dual GPU Tests 21 May 2015 14:10 #64793

Hello gents,

Checking in regarding two items from the 10.2.1 release notes pertaining to Dual GPU systems:

"GPU-accelerated RED RAW processing with support for dual GPUs"

"GPU rendering when using Send To Compressor with support for dual GPUs"

Earlier versions of the release notes included the caveat of "in the new Mac Pro" anytime dual gpus were mentioned, whereas the 10.2.1 notes make no mention of the new Mac Pro.

Since many of us here still rely on our classic Mac Pros - trusty "Ole Ironsides" - I'm hoping to learn if anyone with a classic Mac Pro with dual matching GPUs can attest to performance improvements in the two areas noted to have received updates.

Specifically pertaining to RED RAW Processing and Send to Compressor Transcodes.

Many thanks in advance!

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cMP Dual GPU Tests 21 May 2015 17:59 #64800

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There's a whole thread on this here somewhere. Dual GPUs were never exclusive to the late 2013 Mac Pro model, but pertained to any Mac Pro that had two of the same GPU cards installed. Which cards you use is a big decision.

I'm not sure where those threads are, but someone here can guide you to them.

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cMP Dual GPU Tests 21 May 2015 19:20 #64804

Thanks BenB,

I actually started one of those but it was specific to the BruceX Hardware test. I started a new thread here specifically dealing with the new announcements from Apple, regarding RED RAW and Send to compressor.

Hopefully all the folks who posted about their dual GPU setups can weigh in here! I've since moved on to a single R9 280X system and am considering doubling down on this GPU (and all the auxiliary PSU issues that go with it ;) if it seems worthwhile.


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