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25 Jan 2021
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Metermetre - free distance meter 18 Apr 2017 08:27 #87271

// dl, unzip, drag folder into ~/Movies/Motion Template/Generators //

Metermetre is an easy to use ‘distance meter’: you scale it by setting a given distance, and in the following Metermetre does the math for you …

Math?? In Motion??!
No, just kiddin’:
Do NOT use this plugin for scientific, legal, ‘serious’ purposes. A it’s not precise enough to scale, B it ignores perspective, parallax, depth - frankly: it ‘calculates’ the distance btw. two points on screen, not in scene … 2D vs 3D, y’know? …

Anyhow, how to use it?
For best results, use it on a freeze of your clip.
Drag gen over it.

Calibre it
Move line (right OSC) to any given horizontal (more or less) distance you do know its length - here: half of our green = ~50-55meter.
Set scale, hold opt while dragging in the number field …
Watch number on screen, not in Inspector.

Measure AB
Drag right OSC to Point A, use slider/grab’n drag to adjust circle to ‘hit’ Point B
Adjust ‘direction’ by dragging ’target’
Position Number by dragging its OSC …

… no step three ;)

… yeah, I know, a +C in UserInterface … more a proof-of-concept … feel free to modify, post improvements here.

___ a bit of bts_____

Ok, story of my fail:
first version came with two handles, set scale, position, done. very easy to use … unfortunately worked only horizontally LOL
Now I know: Motions ‘Width’ is not to be confused with ‘Length’ of a line! Rotating a line by 45° shorten its ‘Width’ by 50%, … see my other article

Second I’ve learned: a circle in Motion is basically an rectangle - tried to use circles, in hope Width=Hight, no angles = … nooo, not in Motion, there’s no ‘radius’ you can read out for usage in a Number Generator… grrr.

3rd stage of grief, considered to construct a Pantograph in Motion … no, not really :)

A future version of Motion with some math would be nice. For a start: AB=#pixel ‘Distance’-Behaviour … at least: circles with a radius (not to set, to read!)
Dear Motion Dev Team, Karsten here, add to my wish-list…”

This plugin was inspired by Simon Ubsdell's tut here:

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Last edit: by Karsten Schlüter.

Metermetre - free distance meter 19 Apr 2017 08:23 #87319

Thanks again Karsten for that great plugin. Works as well on the smaller soccer field ;-) and will give it a real test with a ruler at our next game ;-)

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Metermetre - free distance meter 19 Apr 2017 15:57 #87334

…Works as well on the smaller soccer field ;-)

ok, for smaller footballers a hint:
Open Metermetre with Motion.
It should look like this;

select Rig 1 and in the Inspector, drag the slider Calibre to max/right.
now, slooooowly decrease the value of 'Number.link' … we speak here of 3 digits behind the comma!
in the preview window, the Number is shown.
Create a new end value, e.g. 50-60 as new max (=maximum length of your greens; or, depending on your rec angle, even half is enough, 30 for example)

Reason for this tweaking: the smaller the number (the range…), the more precise is the Calibre slider.


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Metermetre - free distance meter 20 Apr 2017 09:51 #87365

Thanks. A nice idea that I saw from Mark Spencer
1:50 to include a quick tipp button/rig in case the template is more complex to understand. I like the idea because after a while you potentially don't recall a forum post ;-)

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