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25 Jan 2021
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Keyframing disrupts Snap Alignment, why? 18 Feb 2022 17:04 #119079

Please help (see attached clips to see what's happening). I created a map with an animated line in Motion 5. I then added a car image, added behaviors "Motion Path" and "Snap Alignment to Motion" to the car image, and ended up with this cool animation (see first clip attached) of the car following along the Bezier line build.
But in order to keep the path of the animated line/car in frame I added keyframes so it pans along it's entire route. After doing this, the car now tumbles and rotates along the line path ("motion path" and "snap alignment to motion" no longer work--see second attached clip). What am I missing??
fyi, I attached keyframes to "anchor points" as well as "position" points (both work to pan along the line animation on the map), but both also sent the car into tumble mode.

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