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25 Jan 2021
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Newbie in Motion... Face Opacity in Sequence Text behavior 03 Jan 2021 21:44 #111883

Hi everybody. I'm a seasoned FCPX editor, but new to Motion...
I understand that Sequence Text behavior animates any given parameter of text and I succeeded to some extent, but I can't obtain the... behavior I want with Face Opacity (and other opacity parameter, actually...).
It just works if the original opacity is 100% and the opacity in Sequence Text is 0% (or in any case less than the original), but I'd need inverted values, that's to say a Face Opacity = 0% as original value in the Text and 100% in the Sequence Text behavior.
But it doesn't work, the text stays invisible all the time, so it stays at 0% Face Opacity. I've tried "To", "From" and the likes but it doesn't work.

I've noticed something else, too... If I put the same opacity value in original Face Opacity and in the behavior, I expected to see no change in opacity during the Sequence Text running, but the opacity changes over time! It's like the percentage in the Sequence Text behavior is relative with respect to the original percentage, and not absolute.

By now, you experienced Motion experts will have understood what my problem is so... what am I doing wrong? What am I missing? I'm using the last Motion version (5.5) in macOS Catalina.

Best regards and thank you!

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