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25 Jan 2021
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MIDI Continuous Control with Motion 21 Nov 2020 12:07 #110968

Hey all,

I'm noticing that Motion doesn't handle continuous control well. I'm trying to "play in" changes on my MIDI controller and record them, but Motion is struggling to keep up with the input. When I slow things down it seem like Motion will only take big changes instead of small subtle ones over time. It also doesn't handle a key "held down" over a period of time well either. Treating it like a DAW is slowing down the app and doesn't record much of the performance.

Has anyone else run into this problem? Is this solved with a better machine? I'm on a 2015 MBP 2.5i7 with 16GB RAM.

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MIDI Continuous Control with Motion 21 Nov 2020 17:18 #110974

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I don't know anyone, in over 20 years, who has used a MIDI controller with Motion. It'll be interesting to see the assistance you receive here, as I'm curious as to how this works.

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MIDI Continuous Control with Motion 22 Nov 2020 00:48 #110983

Since Apple has made the decision to change the paradigm of FCPX to clip/meta instead of lanes like the old tradition, the possibilities are endless. Imagine if you will an app like Motion with the capability of clips being triggered like Ableton Live. Or taking musical stems and using them to trigger certain behaviours.

Imagine making something like this without worrying how the sync will end up at the end of the timeline:

Sample accurate timing on video/images/clips that can lock to a BPM and the app solve all the visual timing issues. All done through MIDI input so then you could be even more expressive musically and spend less time watching, nudging, pondering, making a decision, asking a friend if it looks "ahead or behind" the beat.

And just for fun, here's an analogue version of visuals to musical timing:

But maybe I'm thinking "too niche" and should just stick to music, audio and video like this. Ahh, the professionalism of plosives:

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