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25 Jan 2021
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That damm orange line! fcp7 , new ssd card . Miracle please 06 Sep 2015 07:42 #68087

Mac Os 10.6.4
250 SSD drive 3.2 Ghz Intel Core i3
12 GB 1333 MHz DDR3

This is my last fcp7 project , im done with it. I must switch asap to FcpX or Premiere CC.

I just bought a 250 Ssd card for my 2010 Imac.
So I re-installed fcp7.

My sequence and clips are Prores422
My problem is that I cannot run videos fluently because of that damm orange line. I'm trying to to multicam 2 ways. 1 Professional way and one survival/ I do what I can / Guetto way. My clips and scratch come from an external hard drive

These are my settings

Even through low playbacks 3 clips in one multiclip sequence (all in prores) don’t run fluently. And even if I render which takes forever , the moment I make a new cut messes everything up. What can I do , check or change in my settings so I can have peace in my life again?


Well since I have to do something about this, I decided to put 3 video tracks and make them smaller so I can view the 3 of them and work. But the orange mechanic wants to ruin me so it appears when I make the size of my clip smaller. I think it's normal because I'm changing their normal state but is there a way for me to work with the grey line without having to render. Rendering each sequence takes like 12 hours. Please help me I need to give the product on point I have until Friday . Thanks for your time!

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