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25 Jan 2021
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flickering video clips in FCP X 28 May 2023 06:12 #125675

Hello everyone, thank you for accepting me in this forum, you will have to forgive my imperfect English, I would like to submit my problem to you, I have created with Apple Motion a moving path on a map (basically a colored line describing a path on a map), I exported creating a *.mov video file, I imported it into the Final Cut Pro media, inserted it into the timeline where I already had a project with *.mp4 video files (photo slideshow created with Keynote), starting play on the timeline preview the part with the track on the map shows that it flickers a lot, I thought it could be due to the two different formats? the video of Keynote is Mpeg4 1440x1080 codec H264, the frame rate is not indicated to me, while the video of the map created with Motion 1024x768 codec Apple Pro Res frame rate 30 fps.The final video that I will have to create has no particular definition requests, I will present it with a laptop and a projector that has a maximum resolution of 1024x768.Thanks for your help

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flickering video clips in FCP X 28 May 2023 11:42 #125677

I exported creating a *.mov video file

The first thing I would check is to open the map video file in Finder by double-clicking it. This should open it in QuickTime. Does this original file flicker when played in QuickTime?

Assuming the map movie file is fine, the next thing I would try is to add it to a new blank Timeline in Final Cut Pro. Make a new Project and leave the settings as "Use Automatic Settings". This will mean the Project is set to match whatever is the first clip you add to it. Add you map Video to this blank timeline. Does it flicker?

If it does not flicker in the new timeline it might just be that your original timeline needs to be rendered to play properly. If the Map clip has a row of little dots above it, it means it has not been rendered and will not necessarily play back correctly. Use the menu item Modify>Render All and see if it plays back better.

If the problem is the different frame rates it shouldn't "flicker" but there might be jumps in the movement which maybe you are seeing as "flicker". You can select the map clip, go to the Video Inspector and in the lower part click the Frame Sampling pop-up menu in the Rate Conform section of the Video inspector and choose "Optical Flow" instead of the default "Floor". This should interpolate the frame rate conversion better.

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